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Tire Alignment Service

INFINITI Alignment Service in Roanoke, VA

When was the last time you thought about the alignment of your vehicle? Do you even know what that is? We don’t mean to offend, but there is a common misperception amongst most car owners and drivers about what an alignment service entails.

Many are under the impression that when you have an alignment performed – it’s an adjustment to your vehicle’s tires. That’s not the case. It actually involves realigning your suspension system to the proper angle.

Here’s the deal:

When your vehicle rolled off of the assembly line at the manufacturing plant, the suspension system on it was calibrated at a precise angle to keep your tires straight when the steering wheel is centered. Over time, however, as a result of driving on rough road conditions in the Christiansburg and Blacksburg areas, the suspension gets bumped out of the proper alignment.

The most noticeable symptom of misalignment is that when driving straight down the road – the car pulls to the right or left. While some motorists may consider this a minor annoyance, it’s actually more complex than that.

A misaligned vehicle typically puts more strain and wear/tear on one or more tires than the others. This reduces the lifespan of the tire and can cause you to have to replace a tire sooner than you would normally have to.

The bottom line?

If you’re experiencing these symptoms or suspect that your car, truck, van, or SUV may be in need of alignment, bring it to Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke. Our expert technicians can evaluate your vehicle in order to determine if this service is needed. Feel free to schedule it online or just bring your car to our service center located at 5000 Franklin Road Roanoke VA 24014.

Alignment Specials At Our Dealership

One of the benefits of bringing your INFINITI to our dealership for service is that you can take advantage of our maintenance specials on everything from oil changes and brake service to tires. We use only INFINITI OEM parts which means you are getting the absolute best components for your vehicle. This helps ensure that you can drive with confidence when you trust us for service.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an alignment or even a complex engine repair, when you use Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke’s service center, you get top-quality service and parts at competitive prices. We invite you to schedule your next service online with us so you can continue to enjoy your INFINITI vehicle for many years and miles down the road.

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