CPO INFINITI Dealer Near Christiansburg, VA

If you are looking for a new car, you should consider your options wisely. Many drivers smartly recommend pre-owned cars to save more. When you shop the pre-owned selection at Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke, you are sure to save on a top-notch model for sale near Christiansburg, VA. Not only that, but we have a selection of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) INFINITI cars. These cars offer drivers the chance to save by buying pre-owned without sacrificing quality since the cars come lightly used. CPO INFINITI cars have backing from the dealership to let you know that they are of high quality. While every car on our lot at Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke makes a choice vehicle for daily driving, our CPO inventory comes with additional guarantees. Browse our online CPO inventory today or contact us to learn more about your CPO options.

Certified Pre-owned INFINITI Vehicles Near Christiansburg, VA

When you shop the CPO selection for sale at Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke near Christiansburg, VA, you are looking at the cream of the crop as far as used INFINITI models go. CPO INFINITI models have fewer than 70,000 miles and are under six years of age. The car must also have a clean record to pass INFINITI’s certification process. On top of these prerequisites, each CPO INFINITI got put through a 167-point inspection. The inspection covered everything from driving ability to cosmetic condition. Besides having a few more miles, the car should look and drive like it did on day one. Visit us at Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke to learn about more advantages to buying a CPO car.

Benefits of Buying CPO

There are many benefits to buying a CPO INFINITI car or SUV. Some are more obvious than others. Not only do you save big on a vehicle in like-new condition. These CPO cars from INFINITI also come with warranties originally included with the car. Each CPO INFINITI has a warranty covering up to six years or 75,000 miles from the first use. That means every CPO INFINITI has at least one year or 5,000 miles of warranty coverage left. On top of the quality guarantee and backing, you also have the peace of mind that comes with buying a model that has several years under its belt. You know it has no manufacturing defects because other people already drove it. Also, you benefit from the trove of customer reviews that would not exist on a new model.

All cars from our dealership are great, so call us to see whether CPO, pre-owned, or new are right for your life near Christiansburg, VA.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale Near Christiansburg, VA

Please visit us today at Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke. We have many options in our CPO inventory to suit your needs for your life near Christiansburg, VA. Before visiting, you can browse our online inventory to get a better idea of what we have in stock. You will be glad you went with a CPO INFINITI from Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke near Christiansburg, VA.

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